Mobile Trends 2020 – A look into the future of mobile

Here is an interesting collection of predictions in the mobile space for the next decade. It was made by Rudy de Waele who asked some interesting people of the mobile marketing and mobile 2.0 sector to come up with five predictions each. The result is a nice slideshow.

The people who contributed to this document are Douglas Rushkoff, Katrin Verclas, Willem Boijens, Timo Arnall, Gerd Leonhard, Fabien Girardin, Alan Moore, Martin Duval, Tony Fish, Ilja Laurs, Yuri van Geest, Nicolas Nova, Raimo van der Klein, Russell Buckley, Tomi Ahonen, Stefan Constantinescu, Rich Wong, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Andy Abramson, Marek Pawlowski, Russ McGuire, Carlo Longino, Howard Rheingold, Steve O’Hear, Ted Morgan, Kevin C. Tofel, Jonathan MacDonald, David Wood, Michael Breidenbruecker, Henri Moissinac, Andreas Constantinou, C. Enrique Ortiz, Raj Singh, Marc Davis, David Harper, Loic Le Meur, Ajit Jaokar, Inma Martinez, Carlos Domingo, Kelly Goto, Felix Petersen, Matthaus Krzykowski, Tom Hume, Atau Tanaka and Robert Rice.

I also published an interesting article on the mobile strategies of Apple and Google.

Will 3D cinema be killed by 3D television + pirated movies?


Avatar is a great movie – also because it’s in 3D. The cinema industry was hoping to boost revenues through the new technology. Also it hoped that consumers would come to cinemas more often and not watch pirated movies at home. Now the entertainment industry is promoting 3D television and the future of cinema might not be too bright after all. On the CES various companies promote impressive home cinemas. Some even make it possible to render old movies in real-time to make them appear 3D.

Maybe not in 2010 but 3D TV will come and maybe even kill the sparks of hope that the cinema industry has. However, would you want to sit at home wearing these clumsy glasses?