Here is to the crazy ones

Steve Jobs talking about Apple and its core values. A great lesson in marketing and branding.

“Apple at the core its core value is that we believe that people with a passion can change the world… Those people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do.”

Worth it.

Why phone conversations have a better marketing effect than a Super Bowl ad

On the role of the telephone at Zappos, CEO Tony Hsieh said:

We believe the telephone is one of the best branding devices out there. We have the customer’s undivided attention for 5-10 minutes—compare that with a 30-second Super Bowl ad when the viewers are probably not paying full attention. If we get the interaction right, what we’ve found is that customers remember that for a very long time and tell their friends and family about us.


Marketing basics: It’s extremely difficult to repair the market…

It’s a lot easier to find a market that will respect and pay for the work you can do. Technology companies have been running this race for years. Now, all of us must.

If Wal-Mart or some cultural shift has turned what you do into a commodity, don’t argue. Find a new place before the competition does. It’s not easy or fair, but it’s true. You bet your life.

For businesses in niche markets this is somewhat different. However, it applies to your market and if your niche market shifts then you are in trouble. But there is a great chance that a new niche market with new opportunities will come up.