Good results for mobile ads in 3rd quarter – has Facebook cracked mobile?

This infograph (in German) shows that mobile ads start to take off for Facebook. Compared to last year revenue increased 32% (to $1,3 billion US). Mobile ads account for 14% of all revenues. It’s up from basically zero. However, considering that there are 1 billion people on Facebook and 60% use Facebook via a mobile device it is not so astonishing that mobile would get a decent share. The question still remains: Can Facebook scale the monetization of their mobile users?

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LinkedIn grows revenues faster than Apple and Facebook (infographic)

Interesting comparison. It would be great to see the absolute figures next to the relative ones. What strikes me most is that Apple is still way up there and even accelerating its growth. It has by far the most revenue out of the top 5 companies. Very impressive indeed.