Doing the wrong things the right way @Angellist

Check out this lessons learned presentation from Angellist Founding Engineer Joshua Slayton. Apparently Angellist has a culture with no managers, no schedules, no code reviews, no tests. Instead they focus on constant deployment, constant customer support and constant hiring. This presentation gives some insights into how and why they do it. Good advice.

Thank you Steve Jobs

I just heard that Steve Jobs has passed away. Although I am not an Apple fanboy I truly admire and respect what Steve Jobs has done for the tech world, the web economy, the music industry, the phone industry, design thinking, usability, entrepreneurship, the startup community, leadership and so much more. Thank you Steve!

Here is probably the most remarkable speech by Steve Jobs, which gives great insights into his way of thinking. It is truly inspirational and an absolute must watch.

Here are some links relating to Steve Jobs that I posted in the last years:

RIP Steve Jobs.