Nestle shares keep falling since their social media fail this morning

The nestle shares are going down fast. And this is all due to a social media fail they had on their Facebook Fanpage this morning. It started of with a Greenpeace video against palm oil Nestle is using (in German) and resulted in a classic social media fail

Also check out the post on the wall of their fanpage with which it all started.  Check out the comments too.

Update: I took out the flash chart of Nestle’s share price as it updated constantly and later on didn’t show the drop.

4 thoughts on “Nestle shares keep falling since their social media fail this morning”

  1. Despite the epic fail of Nestle there is no need to be fearful of using social media, it’s just ensuring you use it appropriately. Social media is about dialogue and not the old marketing strategy of monologue, as long as you are open, honest, respectful and you engage – you’ll be fine 🙂

  2. I am not scared. I am saying that some (not so) random group can destroy even the greatest product/project. There are a lot of cases where people faced the sharp edge of the social media and openness. Maybe this social media hype is too much? We have what we consider precious to ourselves out in the open, so every opponent can bash it, every belligerent misantrope can raise a battle against you. IMHO, the social circles tend to grow out of control. We should really try to limit the people that can potentially destroy us.

  3. One more thing. I am proud consumer of over 0.5 kilo of nescafe a month. It is the fuel i convert to code. No social media hiccup will change my mind.

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